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Bella Toscana Holidays is currently offering 3 unique and inspiring holidays in Tuscany for the 2021 calendar year. We are working on curating the most perfect trips for you so please check back for more details. In the meantime, we have outlined dates and trip overviews for Bella Toscana Holidays journeys to remember in 2021. 

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Traveling to Tuscany alongside other incredible people is a great way to experience the authentic notion of Italian family. Trip guests can choose from private rooms or shared rooms. 


Bella Toscana Holidays can curate the perfect trip for your family, friends and even employees. We are experts at designing trips within a variety of budgets and always ensure you leave with memories to last a lifetime. 

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Prima Volta In Toscana

Hosted By Victoria Fitz-Gerald, Owner of Bella Toscana Holidays

Trip Dates: May 22 – 30, 2021

Trip Cost: $2,795* 

The Magic of Tuscany for the First Time    

Trip Itinerary:    

Saturday, May 22nd: Arrival, check-in, light anti-pasta buffet and time to unwind and unpack. Evening Welcome Dinner. Buffet and dinner are included.  

Sunday, May 23rd: Breakfast and a visit to Terme Tettuccio in Montecatini Terme. Enjoy a relaxing morning sipping healing mineral waters while listening to a live orchestra playing classical music. There are beautifully appointed gardens, shops and a historic cafe at Tettuccio. At approximately 12:00 pm we will journey up the mountain to the sweet village of Montecatini Alto for lunch. There will be time to explore the village and shop at your leisure. We will depart Montecatini Alto in the late afternoon returning to La Pietra Piana. Dinner is on your own. La Pietra Piana has a full restaurant with an authentic Tuscan menu. Be sure and make your reservations in advance. Breakfast and lunch are included this day.     

Monday, May 24th: After breakfast we will depart for a full day and evening in Florence. Enjoy professionally guided walking & museum tours of Florence with your professional art historian guide, Ignazio Sciara. Ignazio has worked with Bella Toscana Holidays for over 20 years. You will visit Galleria dell’Academia, home of Michelangelo’s David. Lunch is at Paoli Ristorante. After lunch, we will walk to the Uffizi Gallery, home of some of the most valuable and breathtaking art, architecture and sculptures in the world. From the Uffizi Gallery on to Santa Croce. All tours will be privately lead by Ignazio. Your tour will conclude between 4/5 pm. You will have time to explore Florence on your own, shop, dine or just wander the historic cobblestone streets of this ancient amazing city. We will leave Florence around 9:30-10 pm. Breakfast, lunch, museum entry fees and guided tours are included.    

Tuesday, May 25th: Breakfast, free morning to relax by the pool, take a sauna or jacuzzi. A buffet lunch will be served at La Pietra Piana around noon. At 3pm Stefano, proprietor of La Pietra Piana, will teach a cooking class on how to make the delicious Italian desert, tiramisu. Guess what comes next? You get to indulge in tiramisu + a caffe! Dinner that evening at 1250 Ristorante in Reggello. All meals are included this day.      

Wednesday, May 26th: After an early breakfast we will depart for Siena to meet tour guide, Ignazio, for a morning walking tour in this beautiful medieval city. The heart of Siena sits in Piazza del Campo. This piazza is famously know for the Palio. Siena is deeply rooted in Etruscan history. Ignazio will share with you his vast knowledge of Sienese tradition. After lunch in Siena we will drive to San Gimignano for a late afternoon walking tour where you will be free to wonder this quaint hill top medieval village. After your tour, enjoy an aperitivo in a local cafe or dinner on your own in one of the many trattorias and
ristorantes. Breakfast, lunch and guided tours are included today.   

Thursday, May 27th: Leisure morning breakfast. Noon departure for IL Borro, a 43 minute drive in the Tuscan countryside, to the Ferragamo Estate. Lunch will be at IL Borro’s Tuscan Bistro. If you wish to arrange a spa treatment we can set up the appointment for you. Appointments must be made in advance. Dinner that evening will be at Borroncino in Reggello, famously known for its local mixed grill. Spa treatment is not included but we will be happy to make the appointment for your convenience. Check the website for their wellness menu. All meals this day are included.    

Friday, May 28th: After breakfast we will go to Florence for the day. This is not a guided tour day. You will be free in Florence to see what you may have missed on our previous trip. Lunch is on your own and dinner will be at La Gastronomia in Saltino. Your choice of individual pizza, instalata mista, still & sparkling water, and wine are included along with your favorite gelato and caffé right next door to La Gastronomia! Breakfast and dinner are included are included this day.    

Saturday, May 29th: Breakfast and a free morning. At 11:00 am we will depart to Chianti for wine tasting! Our first stop we will be the village of Greve in Chianti, to me, the most charming village in Tuscany. We will visit Enoteca Falorni in Greve, for a light lunch and wine tasting. You will have an opportunity to taste hundreds of different wines and purchase wine to be shipped back to the US. I have done it many times and it’s been a real hit for dinner parties back home. From Greve we will travel to Volpaia Vineyard for a bit more wine tasting and a visit to this amazing castle. This evening we will celebrate with a Farewell Dinner together. All meals and guided tour are included this day.    

La Pietra Piana has a restaurant that serves very fine Tuscan cuisine. Stefano Wittum, owner of La Pietra Piana and his son, chef Tommaso, will happily accommodate you and your reservations for dinners that are not included in your itinerary.   


*Trip Details:    

Included In Trip Price 

*Arrival transportation between 10am -12:30pm on May 22, 2021 from Peretola Airport in Florence to La Pietra Piana B & B.   

*8 Nights Single Occupancy    

*All Breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners  

*All professionally guided tours with Ignazio Sciara  

*Guided Tour Transportation   

*Intimate Group of Maximum 6 guests  

*10am departure transportation to Peretola Airport in Florence on May 29th, 2021   

For questions about this trip, please email Victoria at   

Plein Air Oil Painting in Tuscany

Hosted By Valérie Pirlot, Professional Artist

Trip Dates: 2021 dates will be announced soon

Trip Cost: $2,495* 

A Week of Plein Air Oil Painting in Tuscany with Professional Artist and Tutor, Valérie Pirlot

Trip Itinerary and What is Included:      

Saturday, October 10th: Transportation from Peretola Airport in Florence between 10:00am -12:30pm, check-in at La Pietra Piana B+B, light anti-pasta lunch and settle in, afternoon introduction session with Valérie and evening welcome dinner. Lunch buffet and dinner included.   

Sunday, October 11th: Breakfast, 3 hour morning lesson and demonstration with Valérie, lunch, break and 3 hour afternoon session with Valérie . Painting will take place at La Pietra Piana. Dinner is on your own. La Pietra Piana has a full restaurant with an authentic Tuscan menu. Breakfast and lunch this day are included. Dinner is not included. Be sure to make a prior reservation.  

Monday, October 12th: Breakfast, 3 hour morning lesson and demonstration with Valérie , lunch, break and a 3 hour afternoon painting session with Valérie in the village of Saltino. Dinner at La Gastronomia Trattoria which is known for its famous regional pizza. Your choice of pizza, green salad, water and wine included. Also, Your choice of gelato and a caffé after dinner at the gelateria next door to La Gastronomia. All meals, gelato and caffe are included on this day.   

Tuesday, October 13th: Breakfast, 3 hour lesson and demonstration at Café FoFa’s in Reggello. For lunch a sandwich of your choice from FoFa’s , dessert & caffé before a break. Then a 3 hour painting session with Valérie in Piazza Potente in Reggello Centro. Dinner at 1250 Ristorante in Reggello. All meals are included this day. 

Wednesday, October 14th: Breakfast, 3 hour lesson and demonstration with Valérie, lunch, break and 3 hour painting session with Valérie at Borgo Valle, a medieval hamlet with amazing architectural value. Borgo Valle is just a short walk from La Pietra Piana. Dinner is on your own. Breakfast and lunch are included.    

Thursday, October 15th: Breakfast, 3 hour session with Valérie. After lunch at La Petra Piana you have a free afternoon to paint, relax by the pool, take a walk in nature, enjoy your afternoon. Dinner at Borroncino for Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.  

Friday, October 16th: Breakfast and your morning is free. We will leave at 11 am for a Chianti wine tasting tour. That evening is our farewell dinner. Breakfast and dinner are included. Lunch is not. We will have a lunch break in a local village and there will be many restaurant options.   

Saturday, October 17th: Breakfast and Departure. There will be transportation to Peretola Airport in Florence, ONLY. Drop off at the airport is *11 am*.   

*Trip Details:     

*Arrival transportation from Peretola Airport in Florence between 10:00am-12:30pm to La Pietra Piana B+B.  

*7 nights single occupancy  

*30 hours of guidance, lessons and demonstrations with Valérie Pirlot  

*Intimate group of 6 guest artist participants   

*Professionally guided Chianti wine tasting tour   

*All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners included  

*10am departure transportation from La Pietra Piana to Peretola Airport in Florence  

Additional Information For Guest Artists:     

Some basic practice of oil painting is required as well as some plein air painting experience. Students must bring their own materials.    

Valérie is a professional artist and tutor. Her main focus in teaching is to make you feel more confident using oils. To work in a free and spontaneous way, with freshness and energy, while having lots of fun. Be inspired by the beautiful countryside and capture a quick and vibrant way, using the beauty around us. Valérie will detail all the tips and techniques that she uses to help you improve and progress your art. The program is approximately 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon but may be flexible, depending on the subject. For example, we may want to paint a sunset one evening.  

The workshop will cover these various topics:   

-Talk about material
-Choose a composition
-Prepare your painting palette
-Mix colours
-Improve your brushstrokes
-Improve your tones and colours
-Have a clear method to build your painting
-Refine your observation skills
-Know how to finish a painting
-Give you feedback on your work    


There will be a full supply list of materials you will need for the trip provided after your booking. 

You can view examples of  Valérie’s art here which showcases her quick, spontaneous oil sketches such as the ones we will produce together during the painting trip.  

For questions about this trip, please email Victoria at


France Meets Italy in Tuscany

Hosted By Aaron Rosenthal, Parisian Chef and Wine Aficionado

Trip Dates: 2021 dates will be announced soon

Trip Cost: $3,495* 

About Your Trip Host: Aaron studied at the Culinary Institute of America, interned with Barbara Lynch and worked post internship for Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston for 3 years. His French culinary career began at Grenouillère in northern France proceeded by Septime, Clamato and Hotel d’Une Ile in Paris. Aaron studied with the Grasseli Famiglia at Azienda Agricola Lago Scuro in Italy and recently co-founded ADAR with chef Tamar Nahmias in Paris, France

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure in Tuscany than look no further! Trip host, Aaron Rosenthal, has not just extensively studied culinary arts in America, France and Italy, he is now adding to his repertoire, hosting a Farm to Table culinary and wine tasting trip in Tuscany. 

The dates of the trip, October 31st – November 8th, have been specifically chosen by Chef Aaron for a very special reason. Our home for 9 days, La Pietra Piana B & B, is located in the heart of Reggello, the county in Tuscany that produces the highest quality organic olive oil. And guess what? It’s truffle and porcini mushroom season, too!

After we hand pick our own olives we will visit the beautiful I Bonsi castle to watch our harvest get pressed into “liquid gold.” Shall we use our very own olive oil to cook with? Of course! Baskets of fresh baked bread for dipping our savory pressed oil will adore our dinner table that evening. A true experiential highlight.

Included are French and Italian cooking classes, visiting exquisite vineyards accompanied with appetizers that are perfectly paired with local wines. We will experience picking and harvesting olives with local Tuscan farmers. If enjoying your own farm to table created meals, restaurants that specialize in authentic Tuscan pizza, bistecca all Fiorentina and local seafood fare interests you, then you will want to reserve your place now! 

Trip Itinerary and What is Included:  

Friday, October 31stArrival transportation from Peretola Airport in Florence between 10:00am-12:30pm. Check in at La Pietra Piana B+B, light anti-pasta lunch, time to unpack, settle in and freshen up before our welcome dinner. Lunch and dinner are included this day.

Saturday, November 1st: Breakfast at your leisure. We will depart at 10:00 am for Fattoria degli Ulivi for a tour of a true working olive farm. Because fresh pressed olive oil is the essential basis for most Italian cuisine today, you will experience the process from beginning to end. Tommaso Martelli, owner of Fattoria degli Ulivi, will give you an overview of what it takes all year to prepare for one to two weeks of harvest. We will actually pick olives ourselves and take them to be pressed. You will be able to taste the “liquid gold” right off the press. We will then use our own handpicked olive oil for our cooking classes all week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included this day. There will be dinner at 1250 Ristorante in Reggello. 

Sunday, November 2nd: Breakfast and wine tasting? Why not! No French or Italian cuisine is complete without great wine so today let’s go shopping! Since we are next door neighbors with Greve in Chianti we can start at Enoteca Falorni for a light lunch and wine tasting. Afterwards you will have a chance to poke around Piazza Matteotti, in our opinion, one of the most charming villages in Tuscany. So now with fresh pressed olive oil and Chianti wines, we’re ready to start cooking! Dinner tonight is on your own time at La Pietra Piana. Be sure to make a reservation. Breakfast and lunch included today. 

Monday, November 3rd: Breakfast at your leisure. Today at 10:00 am we begin to cook. Aaron will introduce pasta + sauce pairing. There are so many varieties of pasta from small handmade pieces to long ribbon shapes. How do you know which sauce perfectly pairs with which shape? After today’s cooking class you will know. Sauces will be demonstrated by Aaron coupled with hands on pasta making. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included today. 

Tuesday, November 4th: Breakfast at your leisure. Cooking class will begin at 10 am where Aaron will explain the simplicity of Italian meat and fish dishes with a touch of French technique! A morning meat dish will be demonstrated that will be served for lunch. Yummy! Our afternoon class will focus on fish and cover how to choose fresh fish, properly filet it and then cook a delicate dish accompanied by vegetable side dishes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included today. 

Wednesday, November 5th: Breakfast at your leisure. Morning is free to relax, take a walk or just enjoy some time to yourself. Typical Tuscan sandwiches will be served for lunch at La Pietra Piana before we depart for an afternoon of wine tasting at the beautiful Castello di Verrazzano and Castello Vicchiomaggio vineyards in the heart of Chianti. Dinner at La Gastronomia in Saltino for your choice of pizza, green salad, wine and sparkling/still water. After dinner we will walk next door for a scoop of gelato and a caffé. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, gelato and caffé are included today. 

Thursday, November 6th: Breakfast at your leisure. This is the cooking class we’ve all been waiting for. Starting at 10:00 am, Aaron will begin a cooking class on “dolce.” Dolce is the Italian word for dessert! This class will cover basic pastries, local Tuscan Cavallucci cookies, Sienese Panforte and French Profiteroles. Dinner this evening is at Borroncino Ristorante for bistecca alla Fiorentina. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. 

Friday, November 7th: Breakfast at your leisure. This is a free day. There will be transportation, around 10:00 am to the local S. Ellero train station and pick up at S. Ellero station in the late afternoon (around 4-4:30 pm). The train ends at Santa Maria Novella Station in Central Florence. Enjoy this day in Florence if you wish. This evening at 7:30 pm will be our farewell dinner at La Pietra Piana. Breakfast and dinner are included.

Saturday, November 8th: Breakfast and departure. Transportation leaves at 9:00 am for Peretola Airport in Florence. Approximate arrival at Peretola Airport will be at 10:15 am. 

* Trip Details

Included In Trip Price:

*Arrival and departure transportation from Peretola Airport in Florence during designated departures

*8 nights single occupancy at La Pietra Piana B+B

*All breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners

*3 Chianti wine tasting tours at Enoteca Falorni, Castello di Verrazzano and Castello Vicchiomaggio

*Leisure time at Greve in Chianti Piazza Matteotti

*Guided cooking classes with Parisian chef, Aaron Rosenthal

*Recipe handouts

*Gift apron to take home

*Tour of Fattoria degli Ulivi, a working Tuscan olive farm

*Olive picking and pressing

*All ingredients for cooking classes

*Free time in Florence

For questions about this trip, please email Victoria at

La Pietra Piana Bed & Breakfast

Tuscan Trip Accommodations 

La Pietra Piana Bed & Breakfast is situated in the Tuscan countryside with breathtaking views of the Arno Valley and Florence in the distance. Once a convent, the recently rescued and restored Bed and Breakfast is now comfortable and quaint accommodations for travelers exploring Tuscany. The property has an outdoor pool, sauna, whirlpool and mini fitness room. There is also a full restaurant with authentic Italian and Tuscan cuisine. La Pietra Piana is a real Tuscan treasure. 

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